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Hasegawa Sadanobu III (1881-1963)

Title: Nanny Masaoka in "Sendai Hagi"
Medium: Color woodcut
Date Of Execution: c. 1952
Dimensions: 11 3/8 x 10 1/8 inches
Signature: Signed: Sansei Sadanobu
References And Exhibitions:

Plate 2 from the series "Homare no Ishi Kiri" (Kabuki on Stage)
Printer: Uchida Woodblock Printing Co., Ltd., Kyoto
The loyal nanny Masaoka protects the young heir Tsuruchiyo from assassination by keeping him in the women's quarters on the pretext that he is ill. Her loyalty and devotion eventually lead to the death of her own young son

Price: (US) $150.00
Inventory Number: UK1891



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