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Adolf Dehn

Thomas French Fine Art is pleased to announce an important offering…  Read More

Emma Lane Payne


Thomas French Fine Art maintains a large inventory of paintings by Cleveland artist Emma Lane Payne.


Emma was the daughter of William F. Lane and Jane Horsfield from Manchester, England. She was born in October of 1855 in Canada, but spent most…  Read More

George Wesley Bellows


After 19 years, Thomas French Fine Art and the Bellows Family Trust have decided to end our representation. Exclusively, from 2001 until mid 2019 we were the agents for the family of Geoege Bellows. With close to 20 years of expertise, Thomas remains one of the foremost authorities…  Read More

Medard P Klein


Thomas French Fine Art holds a large selection of prints and drawings by non-objective Chicago artist Medard P. Klein.


Medard Klein was born in Appleton Wisconsin on January 6th, 1905. At the age of 21, Klein left his rural hometown and moved to Chicago…  Read More

Peter Marks


In 2012, Thomas French Fine Art acquired a large number of works by Peter Marks.


Peter Marks (1935 -2010) was born in New York City on January 18, 1935. A lifetime New Yorker, Marks graduated from the High School of Music and Art in 1952 and Amherst College…  Read More

Ray H French


Thomas French Fine Art is pleased to offer exclusive access to artwork by Ray H. French (1919-2000) including engravings, etchings, embossings, and graphic constructions.


Originally a student of the John Herron School of Art, French received his masters degree…  Read More

William C Grauer


Thomas French Fine Art holds the largest inventory of work by William C. Grauer, including drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings.


William C. Grauer (1895-1985) was born in Philadelphia to German immigrant parents. After attending the Philadelphia Museum School…  Read More