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Konrad Bote (Active c. 1475-1501)

Title: Recto: has heading "Flanderen," with woodcut illustration of Adala, Arend, and Mettilda and their arms. Verso: has heading "Halle," with woodcut illustrations of a man with a sword standing outside a castle, a bishop, and a shield.
Medium: Woodcut
Date Of Execution: 1492
Dimensions: Sheet size: 10 3/8 x 7 9/16 inches
Signature: Unsigned as is usual
References And Exhibitions:
From: Cronecken der Sassen (The Chronicles of Saxony), 1492, folio 71
Publisher:  Peter Schöffer (1425-1502)in Mainz. 1492
Note: “The Cronecken der Sassen or Sachsenchronik by Cord Bote or Hermann Bote from 1492 is the last major printing work from the office of Peter Schöffer , the first employee of Johannes Gutenberg . It is written in Middle Low German and illustrated extensively.
The chronicle of the Sassen is illustrated with 1,255 woodcuts and is therefore also referred to as the "Lower Saxony picture chronicle" or "Cronicon picturatum". Both Cord Bote and his relative Hermann Bote come into question as possible authors of this work. It is written in East German Low German, the author is not named. Due to its Braunschweig-Ostfälische language form as well as its content, it is quite close to the writings of Hermann Bote (for example the Braunschweig World Chronicle ). The chronicle unites elements of a world chronicle with the state, bishopric and city historiography of Saxon history up to the year 1489. It is about Welfish rule formation or the askanianDuchies, the Mark Brandenburg and the monasteries in Bremen, Halberstadt, Hildesheim, Lübeck and Magdeburg reported. Furthermore, there are records of city, diocese or order foundations, genealogical sequences of noble families or catalogs of bishops. The heroic deeds of the princes, battles fought, sieges or riots, epidemics or local traditions are also reproduced. Also characteristic are the basic data on the history of creation based on biblical world chronicles, the fall of man, but also Saxon legends and origins. The "coat of arms program" shown on the title woodcut shows the historical importance of the Guelphs and Ascans for the historiography of the old Saxon region.” 
Courtesy Wikipedia


Condition Notes:
Usual age staining
One small tear in bottom margin
Price: (US) $500.00
Inventory Number: FA11410



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