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15th century Incanabula

Title: Scene from "Eunuchus"
Medium: Printed Movable Type with woodcut
Date Of Execution: 1496
Dimensions: Sheet size: 12 x 8 1/2 inches
References And Exhibitions:
From "Terence" Strasburg
Hind refers to the Strasburg "Terence" as the first publication to use composite woodcuts to make up illustrations.  This example incorporates five small woodcuts to make up this image illustrating the cast in the comedy "Eunuchus" by the Roman playwright Terence (195/85-159 B.C.)
Reference: Hind, History of the Woodcut, Volume 1, p. 342, figure 153 for sister example
Condition Notes:


Usual aging for a 15th century folio

Price: (US) $400.00
Inventory Number: FA6896



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