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Utagawa Kunikazu (c. 1830-1910)

Title: Snowy scene in the kabuki play, "Senryo Tazuna Koi no Somekomi" performed at Naka theater. Actors Arashi Rikaku II (right) is in the role of the footman Yakko Ippei. Onoe Tamizo II as the horse groomer Bashi Edohei (center), and Arashi KichisaburĂ´ III pla
Medium: Color woodblock triptych
Date Of Execution: c. 1857
Dimensions: 9 7/8 x 21 1/3"
Signature: Each sheet signed in the block
Format Japanese: Chuban Triptych
References And Exhibitions:
Color woodblock triptych. c. 1857
Format: Chuban triptych
Publisher and carver seals on each sheet

A similar image was created by Yoshitaki Ichiyosai (1841-1899), with the figures in the same positions, holding the same sash

Condition Notes:
Chuban triptych seemed together and backedColor very fresh
one worm hole, one blinding hole
metalic pigments on the collars of the robes and blind embossing to figures
verticle folds as is usual
Price: (US) $800
Inventory Number: UK2283



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