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Peggy Bacon (1895-1987)

Title: Page 70 "...and when whom should they encounter bu Boomerang"
Medium: Pen and ink, ink washes and gouache
Date Of Execution: 1967-1968
Dimensions: Image size: 6 3/8 x 4 inches, Sheet size: 9 3/4 x 7 3/8 inches
Signature: Signed in pencil lower right, Initialed PB in bottom right corner of image

Estate of the artist

Sandy Brook (her son)

References And Exhibitions:
Original illustration art for: The Magic Touch, 1968, published by Little Brown, NY
This image is illustrated on page 14 (see photo of book illustration)
The Magic Touch is a charming children’s book.  The storyline has appeal across all generations.
The image depicts Boomerang the dog about to chase the rabbits (Ben & Esther)
The Magic Touch
Written and illustrated by Peggy Bacon
Location: Somewhere (un-named) along the Maine coast
The Lurie Family
Mr. Lurie
Mrs. Lurie
Perkel, the Lurie’s cat
Jason, neighbor boy also summering along the coast at Aunt Addie’s
Boomerang, Jason’s dog
Miss Fancher, spinster, gourmet cook, hired by the Lurie’s for their summer stay
A delightful story in five parts, centered around the children finding a tattered “cook” book with recipes, which in reality are recipes for a witch’s transformation by poetic spell, each with an antidote, which brings the children back in human form
The children transform into cats, dogs, rabbits and sparrows.  The final transformation helps the old spinster Miss Fancher into an engaging woman finding happiness with a man she knew much earlier in her life.


Condition Notes:
Very good
With the usual annotations and cropping instructions done the publication process (see photos).
Price: (US) $850.00
Inventory Number: FA12037



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